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    Administrative Offices

  • On the first floor of the Academic Administration building, you'll find the Cowell College Office and some staff offices. The College Office is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. with friendly staff available to answer your questions or direct you to the proper resource. Lost and Found items are kept here for 30 days, so check promptly.

  • Residential Life & Housing Office

  • The Residential Life & Housing Office, located below the Cowell/Stevenson Dining Hall, is where residents can go to inquire about all things related to housing: room assignments, housing contracts, lockouts and more. The offices for AD, ADRE, CREs, AREC, and Housing Coordinator are also located here. Contact info is available here.

  • Programs/Activites Office

  • Located in Room 133, just up the hallway from the Cowell Coffee Shop: for the Peoples, the Programs and Activities office is the hub where many Cowell-wide events are planned. The staff supervise many student crews and volunteers, advise the Cowell Senate, and provide resources for students planning and promoting events. Contact info is available here.

  • Cowell/Stevenson Dining Hall

  • The Dining Hall serves as the closest location for the Cowell and Stevenson students to eat. It is also the site for some Cowell "after-hours" events - concerts, dances, talent nights, and films. To learn more about how to rent the Dining Hall for your event, please see the Room Reservation page.

  • Cowell Coffee Shop: for the Peoples

  • The Basic Needs Cafe at the Cowell Coffee Shop Offers a Food Pantry, Pre-made meals, Slugs in the Kitchen cooking classes, Study Lounge, Calfresh Advising and Basic Needs Events.

    For more information please visit basicneeds.ucsc.edu/about/cowellcoffeeshop.html.

  • May Holmes Fireside Lounge

  • Located around the corner from the Dining Hall, Cowell's largest lounge is used for college-sponsored events, with a big flatscreen TV, fireplace, and a piano. When no events are underway this room functions as a study space.

  • Page Smith Library

  • The Page Smith Library serves as a reading and study room for Cowell students and faculty, open daily from 8:00 AM - 2:00 AM. It's books are to be used only within the Library.

  • Eloise Pickard Smith Art Gallery

  • Located adjacent to the Dining Hall entrance, the Gallery hosts student and professional shows. To learn more about the Gallery, please click here.

  • Mail Room

  • All Cowell students living in residence are assigned a campus mailbox. The Mail Room is located on the bottom floor of Apartment Building 1. To find out more about the Mailroom, opening a mailbox, or hours, please click here.

  • Computer Lab

  • Cowell students enjoy having on of UCSC's computer labs nearby, located in Room 101 of Apartment Building 1. It has both Mac and PC computers. See the lab website for more info on all campus computer labs.

  • Apartment Community Room

  • Located at the end of Apartment Building 3 overlooking the ocean, this lounge is the community space for apartment residents. Students can gain access for studying or gatherings by contacting their apartment RA. Cowell-sponsored events also take place in this room.  This room is not available for reservation by outside groups.

  • Founders Glen

  • This is grassy area is the location of the founding of UCSC. It is located north of the Administration Building and next to the Cowell Circle. This space is available for reservation for occasional events. Please see the Room Reservation page for more information.

  • The Faye Crosby and Robert Newman Senior Commons, Room 225

  • Located upstairs from the College Office, this room is used by Cowell staff, and faculty for meetings, events, and occasionally classes.

  • Conference Room, Cowell 132

  • Located across the lower breezeway of the Administration Building, this room is available for reservation for meetings and events, scheduled by the College Office. Please see the Room Reservation page for more information.

  • Cowell Courtyard

  • Boasting one of the best views on campus, the Cowell Courtyard overlooks Monterey Bay and is the gathering spot for the community. It is located in the center of Cowell between the Dining Hall, Page Smith Library and Administration Building. For information about our free speech area in the Courtyard visit our Tabling Page. For information on how to reserve this space for and event, please see the Room Reservation page.

  • Provost House

  • Built in 1968, the Cowell Provost House is the primary residence for the Provost of Cowell College and the Provost's family.

    Located near Apartment Building 3 and overlooking East Field and Monterey Bay, the Cowell Provost House has been the ideal venue for weddings, student celebrations, departmental meetings, conferences, and classes. Features at the Provost House include a lawn, dining room, living room space, and a kitchen (shared with the Provost and the Provost's family).

    Click here to reserve the Cowell Provost House.