Reserving the Cowell Provost House

Thank you for your interest in reserving the Cowell Provost House for your meeting or event. 

Cost for renting the house (indoor and outdoor) is $150 per campus-affiliated event.

Please note: Due to the rising cost of maintaining the Cowell Provost House, we will be raising the rental fee for reservations made for events after 7/1/2023. The new fee will be $300 for non-Cowell units or organizers; $150 for Cowell Fellows.

Please reach out to the Cowell College Assistant for all wedding-related requests.

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Type of events we've hosted:

  • Lecture style
  • Class with approx. 30 students
  • Wedding
  • Seated meals
  • Reception (mostly standing, mingling)


Square Footage of the outdoor space: 4412

Square Footage of the interior space: 750


Seated Standing
Outdoor space Backyard 150 275
Indoor space Dining room area 12 seated at dining table 30
Living room area 25 40


One restroom (If guests exceed 75, portable restrooms will need to be rented.)

2 Teak Tables with Umbrellas (stationary on patio) - seat approximately 8 people each

5 Outdoor Wooden Picnic Tables - seat approximately 5 to 6 people each

6 Six-foot Portable Folding Tables - seat approximately 6 people each

44 Wooden Folding Chairs

60 Plastic Chairs 


One indoor dining room table with 10 dining chairs - max seating around the dining table is 12 if wooden folding chairs are utilized

Table Linens (all rectangular - fit the folding tables and picnic tables)

  • 12 Royal Blue 
  • 6 Miscellaneous, assorted colors

2 large 32-gallon garbage cans (bags included)

2 blue recycling canisters (liners included)

72” OLED monitor

2 rolling dry erase boards

2 extension cords (extremely long)

1 wooden podium

2 ice chests (72 gal and 55 gal) (BRING YOUR OWN ICE)

1 aluminum beverage container


Items that are NOT available:

  • Silverware or plasticware
  • Cups
  • Pots and pans

Items that are available:

  • Platters of various sizes
  • Serving utensils
  • Cookie sheets

Please us know if you are interested in using the kitchen.


There is a public side of the House used for events, and a private side used for Provost and residents. The parking in front of the Provost House is reserved for the Provost and residents. Parking spaces may be available in front of the House, but are not guaranteed on the day of your event. Parking is also available in the OPERS lot, East Remote lot, lots behind Stevenson and Cowell, and the Hahn Student Services lot. Please be sure to contact TAPS with any questions regarding parking and parking permits. We also recommend that you contact Athletics and Recreation to find out if any activities are happening during the day of your event that may impact parking in lots near the Provost House.  

Tech Support:

Please reach out to Media Services or to the Cowell/Stevenson Reservation Coordinator for tech support.

Clean-up fee:

If we find that the Cowell Provost House is not returned to its original conditions at the conclusion of the event/meeting (trash & recycling taken out, furniture returned to original locations, etc.) a $150 cleaning fee will be charged in addition to the reservation fee.

Ready to reserve the Provost House?

Please review the Provost House Guidelines before filling out the reservation request form.

Link to the Reservation Request Form.