Cowell Staff

    Alan Christy

  • Provost Alan Christy


    College Provosts are faculty members who serve as the academic heads of the UCSC Colleges. The Provost's job focuses on the Cowell Core Course and other course offerings in the College, academic advising, student projects, and student academic integrity, as well as on work with alumni and faculty affiliated with the college. Dr. Christy welcomes the opportunity to hear from you.

    Raised in Boston, MA, Alan Christy received his B.A. in History from Carleton College and his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He found his love for Asian history during his junior year in college while on an education abroad program in Kyoto, Japan. He came to the History Department at UC Santa Cruz in 1995 fresh out of graduate school and he expects to retire here at some point in the future as a life-long slug. Some of his friends on the East Coast are puzzled by this “California thing,” but Alan believes passionately in the importance of the public university and loves the community of dedicated staff, faculty and students here at UC Santa Cruz. He is thrilled to be provost of Cowell College, the founding college at UC Santa Cruz. You may follow him on Twitter at @CowellProvost to see what his life and job are like.

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  • Sarah C. Woodside Bury

  • Senior Director, College Student Life

    Senior Director, College Student Life (SD)

    My focus is to work closely with faculty, staff, and students to create the best possible living and learning community at Cowell College.  My main areas of responsibility are college programs, residential life and housing, facilities, and fiscal management.  If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by, call, or email.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts about life at Cowell College.

    Sarah Christine Woodside Bury (she/her/hers) is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego with a degree in Sociology and Spanish and completed her Masters degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education at Colorado State University.  She came to UC Santa Cruz in 2001 to help start UCSC's two newest Colleges, College Nine and College Ten, due to their compelling and imperative themes.  While at UCSC, Sarah has served as a CRE, CPC, and AD both at Colleges Nine and John R. Lewis College and Crown College.  Now, she has the honor to support and co-lead (along with the Provosts) College Nine, John R. Lewis College, Stevenson College and Cowell College.  One of Sarah's most memorable professional experiences outside of UCSC was when she helped to start the international floating university, aptly named The Scholar Ship, which sailed with 250 students, representing 45 different nations, visiting 16 different countries around the globe.  Sarah has a deep commitment to doing her part to make the world a more peaceful, sustainable, socially just and equitable place.  More personally, she is the proud Mama of Alexander (her 5 year old son) and Nima (her 5 year old dog), both of whom you may see around campus.

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  • LeAnna Willis

  • Associate Director, College Student Life

    Associate Director, College Student Life (AD)

    Howdy Slugs! As the Associate Director, College Student Life,  I work collaboratively with the Coordinators for Residential Education, Housing Coordinator, Housing Office Manager, and various offices on campus to assist in the development and organization of housing assignments, student conduct, student programs, safety and security of all of you, and much more. I am always available to respond to any questions or concerns you may have, so please don't hesitate to email me.

    LeAnna Willis (she/her/they) is an enigmatic and caring, knowledge practitioner with over 10 years of higher education experience in diversity, equity, & inclusion, residential life, and student development and leadership. They have a wealth of knowledge in working with diverse populations and fighting for representation and inclusion across multiple levels and spaces. LeAnna is considered a mentor and teacher who breathes positivity and affirmations into everyone they encounter. Originally from the east coast LeAnna has utilized the wide scale of the education field to work all over the country, having held positions in Salem, MA, San Marcos, TX, Indianapolis IN, and Champaign, IL, before making their way westward. LeAnna holds a Master of Education in Higher Education in Student Affairs from Salem State University and as a lifelong learner is always looking to further their education. In their free time, LeAnna enjoys D&D, all things MCU, Korean Dramas, reading, cosplaying, and racking up new crafting projects. 

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  • Alice Folkins

  • College Academic Manager, Alice Folkins

    College Academic Manager (CAM)

    The College Academic Manager serves as the project manager of the Provost office. I help manage student-based projects such as the Smith Society, and the Cowell-Stevenson Collaborative. I also serve as a bridge between students and the faculty who teach for Cowell Core Course and Cowell Enhancement Courses. Please reach out to me if you are a Cowell student interested in taking an independent studies course or if you need assistance in registering for a Cowell Course.

    I am the project manager for the quarterly Student Project Fund, and all Cowell College Prizes and Scholarships

    I also provide administrative support for the Provost. Please email me if you wish to reach the provost.

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  • Gustavo Nolazco

  • Assistant to the Senior Director, College Student Life

    Assistant to the Senior Director, College Student Life

    As the Assistant to the Senior Director, College Student Life, I provide administrative support to the Senior Director, College Student Life for both Cowell and Stevenson Colleges. I am located in the Cowell Academic Building, First Floor. I look forward to speaking with you on the phone, or drop in and say hello.

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  • Morgan Miller

  • Reservation Coordinator

    Reservation Coordinator

    As the Reservations Coordinator for Cowell and Stevenson Colleges, I am the main point of contact for all reservations and inquiries regarding the Stevenson Event Center.  I manage most of the reservable rooms at the two colleges and oversee the Cowell and Stevenson Tech Crew.  Contact me for any information about our reservable rooms.  If you are interested in holding a class or planning an event here at Cowell and Stevenson, email me and we’ll work together to make your class or each year.

  • Rose Leone

  • College Assistant, Rose Leone

    College Assistant

    If you have any questions, start at the College Office-your best resource for information. The College Assistant answers academic and general campus questions, supervises and coordinates the student mailroom and staff, distributes employee checks, and makes Cowell College room and Provost House reservations.  Please stop by the office or email

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  • Marie Yoo

  • Academi Preceptor; Marie Yoo

    Lead Academic Preceptor

    As an adviser, Marie provides assistance in academic planning, administrative policies and procedures and assists students in utilizing the resources and opportunities available on campus. She also works collaboratively with staff of various units to develop and implement events and programs geared to enhancing academic and personal success. Marie received an undergraduate degree from UCSC—go Slugs! and enjoy being part of the community that fosters and promotes higher education for all individuals.


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  • Xavier Hilton

  • Academic Adviser - Xavier Hilton

    Academic Adviser

    Hello! My name is Xavier Hilton, and I am an Academic Advisor for Cowell College. I am here to assist students with navigating University policies and procedures, academic planning, as well as directing students to resources on campus.

    I’m a born and raised Santa Cruzean, attending and graduating from UCSC with a BA in History. I have a passion for education, having worked in local K-12 schools as a teacher and coach. I enjoy staying active and playing most sports, but I have a special affinity for soccer. In my free time you’ll find me walking our beautiful coastline, playing the saxophone, or relaxing at home listening to ELO.

    I’m very excited to be a part of this community and look forward to meeting you!

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  • Peter Blackman

  • Academic Adviser

    Academic Adviser

    I enjoy supporting students as they explore and pursue their interests. I take a collaborative approach and emphasize creative problem-solving, self-reliance, and long-range planning. I like to get to know students well and establish long-term working relationships with them.
    I have worked in higher education as an academic advisor, administrator, and faculty. Prior to coming to UCSC in 2020, I worked at numerous colleges, including the College of Santa Fe, the San Francisco Art Institute, and UC Berkeley as an Academic Advisor in Media Studies. 
    I spend much of my free time with my wife and daughter. I am a musician and composer and spend time playing and writing music.  I also like to work on home improvement projects.  Contact the College Office to schedule an appointment.

  • Jed Milroy

  • Housing Coordinator, Jed Milroy

    Housing Coordinator

    The Residential Life staff supports the creation of a healthy and fun living/learning environment. They coordinate Cowell's housing and residential life program as well as judicial issues for all Cowell students.

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  • Gabriela Alaniz

  • Residential Life & Housing Office Coordinator, Gabriela Alaniz

    Residential Life & Housing Office Coordinator

    The Residential Life staff supports the creation of a healthy and fun living/learning environment. They coordinate Cowell's housing and residential life program as well as judicial issues for all Cowell students.

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  • Vacant

  • Coordinator for Conduct & Education,

    Coordinator for Conduct & Education,

  • Janine Silvis

  • Picture of Janine

    Assistant Director for Residential Education

    Janine Silvis is the Assistant Director for Residential Education. In their role, Janine supervises other professional staff and contribute to the development and implementation of curricular initiatives that address educational needs and enhance awareness of socially relevant issues for residential students. 
    Janine was born and raised in Tracy, California and has a passion for social justice, a loud voice, a commitment to humor, and probably more eye makeup than most people. Before arriving at UCSC, Janine has served four years as a full-time residence life professional at UCLA, UC Berkeley, and the University of Oregon. Janine obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Humboldt State University and a Masters degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of Vermont. Over the years, Janine has developed a passion for restorative justice, sexual assault prevention, residential curriculum development, and student of color advocacy. Outside of work, you can find Janine usually getting a manicure done to match their San Jose Shark’s hockey jersey.


  • Stacey Faulk

  • Coordinator of Residential Education, Stacy Faulk

    Coordinator of Residential Education

    I am responsible for supervising all aspects of Residential Life at Stevenson & Cowell. I provide direct support services to in the residential quads and in the apartments. Ihab and I coordinate the training and selection of your Resident Advisers, adjudicate student conduct cases, and provide educational, multicultural, and social opportunities for students. We also have a responsibility for counseling, advising, conflict management, and on-call responsibilities. Stop by the Residential Life and Housing office under the Cowell/Stevenson Dining Hall to get support and assistance for all residential life issues.

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  • Vacant

  • Coordinator of Residential Education

    Coordinator of Residential Education

    As the Coordinator For Residential Education, I am responsible for supervising all aspects of Residential Life at Cowell. I provide direct support services to residents in the residential quads and the apartments. Stacey and I coordinate the training and selection process of your Resident Advisers, adjudicate student conduct cases, and provide educational, multicultural, and social opportunities for students. We also have a responsibility for counseling, advising, conflict management, and on-call responsibilities. Feel free to stop by the Residential Life and Housing office under the Cowell/Stevenson Dining Hall to get support and assistance for all residential life issues, or simply just to say hi.

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  • Vacant

  • Student Conduct Liaison

    As The Equity & Equal Protection, Student Conduct Specialist, I support the programs and functions of both the Title IX Office within the Equity and Equal Protection Office and the Student Conduct Office in Colleges, Housing and Educational Services. In this role, I serve as the primary conduct officer for matters referred to conduct from the Equity and Equal Protection Office under the UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (SVSH), UC nondiscrimination policy, and Code of Student Conduct. 

  • Ale Ruiz

  • No alternative text

    College Program Coordinator

    Hi! I’m Ale Ruiz and I am the College Programs Specialist at Cowell and Stevenson Colleges. I am also a UCSC alumni with a degree in art. As the College Programs Specialist, I get to work on creating fun, educational, social justice-based events and activities. I work in the Programs Office alongside amazing staff, students, and
    volunteers who plan these fun events for our college communities. I also advise Cowell Senate and work alongside them as they grow in their student government roles. Get in touch with our office to learn how you can get involved on campus and be part of this creative team. Hope to see you at one of our events!

  • Blake Redding

  • Blake-with banana slug

    Assistant College Program Coordinator

    Hi there, I'm Blake! I help the Cowell team with events and initiatives that enhance students' lives outside of the classroom. I am passionate about the arts, the environment, justice and equity, and student success. I hope you will utilize the Cowell programs office and help us add some unique and memorable experiences to community life here at UCSC.


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  • Tauna Coulson

  • Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery Manager

    As Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery Manager, Tauna is responsible for the gallery operations, including selection and installation of exhibitions, public relations, docent training, and special events coordination.

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  • Groundskeeper

  • Groundskeeper

    The maintenance and grounds staff is responsible for the safe upkeep of the facilities, including the physical operation of the Residence Halls, Dining Hall, and Library. Submit all residential maintenance service requests online at

  • EOP Academic Counselor

    EOP Academic Counselor

    For support contact the EOP Office

    email: phone: (831) 459-2296 

    EOP Academic Counselors are available by appointment to meet individually with you to discuss personal and academic issues. We can connect you with appropriate resources, as well as counsel you through your personal concerns that may be negatively effecting your academic success. So please reachout for assistance!

  • John Hadley

  • Coffee Shop Manager

    John manages the Cowell and Stevenson Coffee Shops and is available for comments, complaints, compliments, cookies, and culinary questions.

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  • Jon Keesey

  • Budget Analyst, Jon Keesey

    Budget Analyst

    My name is Jon Keesey and I am a Budget Analyst at Cowell and Stevenson Colleges. I help manage the financial operations at both colleges, monitoring budgets and transactions and ensuring that the University’s fiscal policies are being followed.

  • Community Service Officers (CSOs)

  • Community Service Officers (CSOs)

    CSOs patrol university residential communities every night and perform a wide range of duties including emergency and disaster response and policy enforcement in order to help build a safer, more secure community. A CSO is on duty every night from 7pm to 3am.

  • Residential Custodians

  • Residential Custodians

    Custodians work with the students to make the residential facilities clean, safe places to live. They provide general cleaning of residential bathrooms, lounges, and hallways and do other specific tasks to maintain good housekeeping. They do not clean up after parties, practical jokes, or excessive debris.