Statement of Nondiscrimination

Cowell College’s Statement of Nondiscrimination


Cowell College is a community of learning. It is a community of peoples of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds, religious and political beliefs, and sexual orientations. As such, we the members of the community seek to foster an atmosphere which is safe, open and nurturing to all members of our community.


With this in mind, Cowell strives always to maintain an environment free of behavior that has the purpose or the effect of interfering with an individual’s life or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment on the basis of sex, race, sexual orientation, disability, or any other arbitrary characteristic.


As adults and members of this community, we are individually and collectively responsible for our actions. It is our individual responsibility to learn and be aware of racism, sexism, homophobia (hatred and/or fear of gays and lesbians) and other forms of oppression.


Bigotry will not go unchallenged within this community. No one has the right to denigrate another human being on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, disability or any other arbitrary characteristic. We will not tolerate verbal or written abuse, threats, harassment, exclusion, intimidation or other forms of demeaning behavior against any member or group of members of our community. In this context, we do not accept alcohol or substance abuse as an excuse, reason, or rationale for such behavior.


Ignorance or “it was just a joke” is also not an excuse for such action. Charges alleging misconduct will be brought to the immediate attention of the Provost or CAO. If need be, the Campus-wide Discipline Committee shall be called to determine the disciplinary action to be taken.


Adopted by the Cowell Assembly – May 14, 1987

Modified by the Cowell College Community – February 1993