Early Alert Referral

Cowell and Stevenson Colleges have an early alert team that is charged with reaching out, as early as possible, to students facing challenges in university life.  We hope to identify students who may be having difficulties in a variety of areas including academics, interpersonal relationships, emotional concerns, residence life, finances, and co-curricular involvement. We encourage referrals from all faculty and staff within the sister colleges. 

Examples of possible reasons for referring a student to the early alert team include:
  • Homesickness
  • Repeated absences
  • Crying or otherwise appearing distressed
  • Lack of connection with the college or university
  • Unresolved roommate issues
  • Poor academic progress

When the team receives a referral, the members will determine which staff member is best positioned to reach out to the student and make the necessary referral to the support services available at the university. Faculty and staff may make a referral to the early alert team by completing the form at the page linked below.  Though our primary goal is to reach Cowell and Stevenson affiliated (in the referral form, there is space for you to indicate with which college the student is affiliated, including an option for "I do not know") students, we will also accept and forward referrals for students affiliated with other colleges.

Questions?  Contact Sarah Woodside Bury, Senior Director, sarahcw@ucsc.edu831-459-3642.

Early Alert Team Members
Sarah Woodside Bury, Senior Director
Janine Silvis, Assistant Director for Residential Education
Marie Yoo, Cowell & Stevenson Academic Preceptor