Cowell Enhancement Courses

Cowell’s motto is The pursuit of truth in the company of friends. The College offers a variety of courses that allow students to explore their meaning of truth as they navigate the university or their greater community. The Spring classes will be posted on February 20, 2019. You can find them on the Enhancement Courses page of our site.

COWL-052 Personal Finance and Investing

Kelly, Pat

Overview of the financial responsibilities that young adults take on after college. Topics include: taxes, budgeting, student loans, credit, and investing in the stock market. Ubiquitous terms, such as 401(k), are defined, and financial principles are used to develop a framework for personal financial decision-making.

(5 units, TTh 6–7:45PM, Merrill 102)


COWL-065 Meaning, Paradox and Love

Somekh, Addi

Mary Holmes--legendary founding faculty member of UCSC, keen observer, painter of mythic images, and profound thinker--had a visionary's insight into the mysteries of love, paradox, and meaning. This course explores her art, teaching, and wisdom. Enrollment limited to 25.

(5 units, TTh 12P-1:45P, Cowell Con 132)



COWL-070C Advanced Book Arts

Young, G.E.

Students learn fundamental skills in fine letterpress printing, including hand typesetting and instruction in the operation of printing presses. Basic typography explored as students design and print a small edition of a selected text. Students are billed a materials fee. (Formerly Printing II: Typography and Book Design.) Prerequisite(s): course 70B or by instructor permission. Enrollment limited to 12. May be repeated for credit.

(5 units, TTh 1-4P, Cowell Press 123)



COWL-086 College Leadership Development

Cline, J. / Cordero, M.

Students newly appointed as residential life assistants in the college prepare for taking up their positions by studying identity and diversity issues; student development; community building; conflict resolution; intercultural competency; and leadership skills. Restricted to students selected for Cowell College Resident Assistantship, and by permission of instructor. May be repeated for credit.

(2 units, W 7-8:45P, Senior Commons Rm 225)


COWL-089 Faculty Research Colloquium

O'Hara, Matthew D.

Introduction of UCSC as a research university, our notable researchers, and their work. Weekly discussions with UCSC faculty from a variety of disciplines. Enrollment restricted to participants in the first-year honors program.

(2 units, M 5-6:45P, Classroom Unit 1)

COWL-110 Introduction to Mock Trial

Robertson, D

Introduces Mock Trial, which is open to all students. Covers the basics of argumentation, cross and direct examinations, permissible evidence, witness testimony, and courtroom protocol. Special emphasis is on public speaking. Students write speeches for opening and closing arguments and create questions for witnesses. Students must read the Mock Trial handbook for examples and strategies. Each student has an opportunity for public speaking and creating a coherent legal argument. Enrollment restricted to college members.

(2 units, W 3:30P-5:15P, Cowell Provost House 119)

COWL-122 The United Nations-Contemporary Issues

Robertson, D

Introduces the Model United Nations through discussion of contemporary issues. Students learn parliamentary procedure and U.N. protocols, as well as, how to work collaboratively to research and to present position papers. Students learn resolution writing, alliance building, and persuasive speech.

(2 units, M 5-6:15P, Senior Commons Rm 225)

COWL-126 The Trajectory of Justice in America

Sheehan, D.

Is democracy a reality or perception? Though we live in a democracy there are some privileged constituency that influence the government behind a veil. The central question is this “Does the United States operate in ways consistent with its constitution?”

(5 units, TTh 4:00–5:45P, College 8, 204)


COWL-138A The Place of Higher Education in a Democratic Society

Crosby,F.J. / Saufley, R.

Centers around the question posed by John Dewey: Why should the democratic state subsidize higher education?  Students write five papers and interview alumni. Prerequisite(s): course 80A or 80B. Enrollment limited to 15.

(5 units, T 6-9P, Cowell Provost House 119)


COWL-158A Special Topics: Oral History

Thiermann, E.

Introduction to the art and science of conducting and oral history and getting the results on film. Techniques of film making with low-cost equipment are featured.

(5 units, TTh 2-3:45P, Cowell Con 132)

COWL-161A Bards to Bloggers: Literature and Technology in Transhistorical Focus

Shemek, Deanna

Through study of ancient and contemporary forms (epics to e-literature), this course studies the connections that have tied literary reading and writing to specific technologies, including memory, the alphabet, pens, printing, radio, computing, the internet, and handheld devices.

(5 units, TTh 10-11:45AM, Cowell Con 132)

COWL-168 Social Change

Baldini, D.

How do you change the world, working alone and in concert with others? To find out, students work in groups with specific community partners who, in turn, help place students in social-change organizations in Santa Cruz County. Enrollment restricted to college members. May be repeated for credit.

(2 units, M 6-7:45P, Cowell Con 132)


COWL 184C Leadership and Institution Building

Hughey, R.P.

Through lectures by senior administrators and student consensus-and-recommendation teams, students learn how leaders work with constituent groups, build cooperation, and develop implementation plans in an institution such as the University of California, specifically, UC Santa Cruz. Enrollment restricted to undergraduates accepted in the Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program. Enrollment limited to 40.

(2 units, M 5-6:45P, Bay Tree Conf D)