Residence Halls at Cowell

Residence Halls in the Cowell Lower Quad

Named for distinguished American historians, each residence hall faces another across a central lawn area. The building clusters are known as the upper and the lower quad. Each residential building contains single, triple, and quad rooms. In physical structure, one building is much like another. Each is three to four stories tall and houses from 60 to 100 students.  Each floor has a bathroom facility. Because of the residential building design, most bathrooms are designated as mixed gender and have been modified for privacy. If you prefer a single-gender bathroom, single-gender floors are available. Please note this preference on your Lifestyle Questionnaire.  Your room is furnished with a single bed and an extra-long mattress (36” x 80”), a desk, a small desk book shelf, a desk chair, a dresser and closet or a wardrobe, a trash can and recycling bin, a mirror, and robe hooks. 

We have many single rooms at Cowell College and first-year students are eligible for single rooms. It is likely that first-year students will be housed in either a single room or a triple room. Your room is your own (as well as your roommate’s), and your residential building is your home. The other residents of your building may be viewed as an extended family, and, like a family, you will share a number of common areas. Each residential building has a lounge (including a TV) that serves as an informal setting for games, study breaks, movie nights, meetings, and discussion groups in conjunction with residential and academic life.