Cowell Mailroom

Hours of Operation

MONDAY-FRIDAY: 11 am-4 pm

SATURDAY: 11 am-2 pm

SUNDAY: Closed


-Location: Cowell College Apartment 1, room 106A

-Please return your mailbox key from previous quarters to avoid a $15.00 fee and update your address with family, friends and vendors, as we are unable to forward mail or packages

Thank you for your patience during this time                                                

Read me: Be sure to check the Cowell College mailroom door for the most updated hours. There may be occasional unscheduled closures due to illness, mailroom-related errands or unforeseen circumstances.


Student mailing address:

Student's Name
UCSC Cowell College
501 Cowell Service Road, [Box #]
Santa Cruz, CA 95064-1119

Read me: It is important that any mail sent to you includes your name and mailbox number. Your mailbox number is located on the envelope in which you received your key. Your room number is not your mailbox number. The number on your mailbox key is not your mailbox number. Ask a Mailroom Assistant for help if you have forgotten your mailbox number.

Contact information: 

For additional mailroom questions, please call 831-459-2253 to speak with a Mailroom Supervisor, or email

Are you a new student? Have you recently moved to Cowell from another college?

Please go to the mailroom to receive a mailbox, key, and mailing address or email

Regarding tracking emails 

The email that some mail/package carriers send out to notify you that your package has been delivered only indicates that your package has arrived in the city of Santa Cruz. It may take another 1- 2 days to be delivered to the Cowell College Mailroom.