Cowell Housing

New Students

As a new student in the residential buildings, you may be assigned to a single, triple, or quad room. If you have never shared a living space before, having a roommate may be a challenge, but meeting the challenge of sharing and learning from alternate perspectives can be infinitely rewarding.  It is essential that you engage with your new living arrangement, and the students with whom you will be sharing living space, with an open, interested, tolerant, and considerate attitude.  Students come to UC Santa Cruz and Cowell College from a wide variety of backgrounds. You will invariably meet people who have lives and experiences that are unfamiliar to you.  Assigning rooms and roommates is not an easy task. One important consideration for making roommate assignments is your Cowell College Housing Application/Contract and your Lifestyle Questionnaire. Within the application we ask what we think is important for determining compatible lifestyles. In addition, you have room to write about what else you think is important in matching roommates.  We will do our best to find you a compatible roommate, but please do not assume that your roommate will share all your lifestyle preferences.

Continuing Students

As a continuing student at Cowell College, you may live in either the residence halls or the apartments. For the 2017/18 school year, students with housing guarantees will be able to choose their living situation during our Room Selection event, which happens in spring quarter. Not all assignments are made during the initial room selection event, so it is important to fill out your housing application and questionnaire completely, in case we need to help find you a room later in the quarter or during summer break. Students with no guarantees will be able to apply for housing and will be assigned spaces as they become available during late spring and summer. We will be offering information sessions in early spring quarter to help navigate the process, as well as more detailed information on this website and emails to the community. 

To contact the Housing Office please call 831 459-2173,