Student Life Staff

Student Life and Housing Staff

Senior Director (SD)

The Senior Director is the chief administrative officer responsible for the overall planning, development, and coordination of the business and operational functions of the college and student life program including supervision of the staff, fiscal management, policy development, and facilities management. The Senior Director works in collaboration with the college Provost to further the mission of the college.

Associate Director (AD)

The AD is responsible for the Student Life Program. This includes oversight of residential living and non-academic student conduct aspects of the college. The AD supervises the Housing Coordinator and ADRE.

Assistant Director for Residential Education (ADRE)

The ADRE is responsible for the Residential Life Program. This includes oversight of residential living staff. The ADRE supervises the CREs.

Housing Coordinator

The Housing Coordinator is responsible for roommate assignments, contract changes, and the management of the Housing Office. The Housing Coordinator will help you with needs or questions related to your housing or student life at Cowell College.

Coordinator for Residential Education (CRE)

CREs are full-time professional staff members who reside at the college and coordinate all aspects of the residential life for their respective residential areas. They are responsible for the selection, training, and supervision of the Resident Assistants, advise student groups and programs, assist with various aspects of the Housing Office, act as judicial officers and provide response to crisis and emergency incidents involving students.  Additionally, they are resources for students when questions or concerns arise.

College Programs Office

The Programs Office works to plan orientation, commencement, as well as many events and programs. The College Programs Office sponsors a wide range of fun events at the college each year to ensure an enjoyable and social living community.  The Programs Office supervises the Student Programs Assistants and the historian, and curator for art displays.  In addition, the office advises the Cowell College Senate.

Resident Assistant (RA)

RAs are undergraduate students who have been selected and trained to serve as community leaders.  RAs work to develop and maintain a safe, positive, and productive living environment. The RAs address community issues, plan educational and social activities, provide resources and support to residents, and ensure that community standards are upheld.

Maintenance and Custodial Staff

The Maintenance staff is available for repairs in your room and throughout the residential buildings. Requests for service are made via the “fixit” web site at Custodians are people you will come to know, respect, and appreciate. All residential buildings are staffed with custodians who work cooperatively with students to make each residential building a clean and safe place to live. They do general cleaning of public areas, bathrooms, lounges, and hallways, as well as other specific tasks to maintain good housekeeping throughout the buildings. Individual room cleaning is the responsibility of each resident.

Community Safety Program

Community Safety Officers (CSOs) patrol university residential communities, both on and off campus, every night and perform a wide range of duties including emergency and disaster response, policy enforcement, and other duties in order to help build a safer, more secure community.