Memories, Mysteries, and Missing Links


Who created the faux plaque for the Page Smith Library dedication in 1983?

Confess, and we’ll publish what it said, though we'll have to ** out a word or two.

Where is the original red banner from the Page Smith Library that reads, “the Pursuit of Truth in the Company of Friends”?

It disappeared. We tracked it down, and the person told us he returned it in a brown paper bag left in the library, but we never found it. We made a new one, but we miss the original (remember the time someone changed around the felt lettering to read “the Pursuit of Troth in the Company of Fiends”?)


Mysteries and Missing Links

We are also searching for the following information. If you know anything, please contact us.

Who were the RAs and Preceptors in 1979-80 and 1981-82?

We don't have copies of many commencement speeches.

During the John Lynch era, when did Leila and the Snakes perform at College Night?

Remember "Ralph", the bulletin board next to the College Office? The iconic sign (collage on wood by Bruce Cantz) is missing. Any ideas?

Anything you have from 1970-1985. Most of our files from this era have disappeared!

We're always eager for artifacts (programs, posters, photos -- with identification!) from any era!


Last updated March 2017