Welcome Back, Class of 1973!

It is hard to believe our 50th Cowell College reunion is happening the weekend of April 15, 2023. That is, unless you have been living under a rock—which my wife sometimes accuses me of doing! All kidding aside, our 50th is indeed a milestone that deserves to be marked.

Why come to this reunion? First, is there a more beautiful place to spend a mid-April weekend? Well, maybe Paris but we do have the surf and beach!! Selfishly for the undersigned it is the opportunity to catch up with friends and former classmates to find out if there is life after graduation, what we all did after college and what we are doing now. This year’s reunion will also provide an opportunity to eat again in the Cowell dining hall (no steak night-boo!), revisit the campus, enjoy the view from the Cowell College courtyard, walk the redwoods and see how UCSS has changed since our first arrival.

We are inviting as many of our ‘73 Cowell College classmates as possible to attend this year, especially if you have not been able to attend in years past. Below is the draft program for the April weekend. A highlight of this year’s reunion before the open house at the Provost’s residence is the informal gathering at the Cowell library where we hope alumni will share some of their first impressions of UCSC, college life and being away from home. Food and beverages donated by Cowell College and the undersigned will be served. We hope 

Please come!!

Signed by Jeff, and the Class of '73 Organizing Committee:
Jeffrey Redding (Cowell '73, Biology)
Phil Adams (Cowell '73, Politics)
Harry Edwards (Cowell '73, Psychology)
Eric Roy (Cowell '73, Literature)
Rus Scott (Cowell '73, Mathematics)


Thursday, April 13, 5:30-7:00 pm

Virtual Kick-Off: How We’re Still Changing the World (Virtual)

Friday, April 14

6:00-9:00 pm - 50+ Class Reunion Celebration (Stevenson Event Center)

Saturday, April 15

8:30-10:00 am - Coffee and Ferrell’s Donuts (Cowell Courtyard)

This long standing tradition of enjoying coffee in the Cowell Courtyard to start the day with friends and a spectacular view continues. Join this informal gathering of alumni with coffee and Ferrell’s Donuts.

10:00-12:00 pm - Connecting with Friends and Families at Cowell College (Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery at Cowell College)

Reception to celebrate alumni, students and Cowell affiliated families while honoring the opening of the spring exhibit Duet with painter Robert Chiarito(Cowell ’70) and sculptor Richard Deutsch (Cowell ’76). The two artists find their best art is like a treasure hunt where searching and discovery are at the heart of the creative process. As friends for over 30 years, they share and delight in each other's artistic inquiries and challenges.

12:00-1:00 pm - Enjoy one of many lunch options on campus, including lunch in the Cowell/Stevenson Dining Hall.

1:00-3:00 pm - First Impressions: New Students to a Newish University (Page Smith Library and on Zoom)

Does anyone remember the ping pong table and coffee pot in the Cowell Coffee shop? Alumni will discuss their first impressions of UCSC and Santa Cruz. Join us for conversations and reminiscing about our time as students and how UCSC impacted our lives. Reconnect with each other while soaking in a place we once called home. Libations will be provided.

3:00-5:00 pm - The John Dizikes Concert (Cowell Provost House)

We are hosting AZA for this year's John Dizikese Concert. AZA unites traditional Tamazight (Berber) music, indigenous to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, with the global influences of its diverse members. Evocative of Saharan-African blues, yet with an original style that truly defies categorization, AZA’s stirring performances feature deep, danceable rhythms, intricate string melodies, and soaring, soulful vocals. Visually dynamic and engaging performers, AZA has been inspiring international audiences for nearly ten years.

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