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What would cheer me up no end would be a reunion designed to lift our spirits and enlarge our vision by drawing on the best of our experience... a gathering of alumni(ae), faculty and students engaged in a trilogue, each group bringing its particular perspective to bear on the problems of our world and their relation to higher education.... Now that would be a real reunion!
Page Smith
“College Reunion” in Old Age is Another Country: A Traveler’s Guide, p. 103-104

Welcome, members of the Cowell Class of 1972 and friends! We definitely achieved Page’s vision of alumni, faculty and students engaged in a trilogue, during our virtual and on-campus events of Alumni Week 2022.

Please email us if you have any questions or comments.

Even though Reunion Week is over, we can share our memories here on our Reunion website, and also on our Facebook page.


Click here to view photos from our on-campus events.

Coming soon: video of the Welcome Reception with Chancellor Cindy Larive and Provost Alan Christy.

Coming soon: video of our virtual session, “How We’re Still Changing the World.”