Reasons to Give

Would you like to help us continue to offer challenging, hands-on courses that increase students' awareness of the world we live in and how they can contribute to that world in a productive way? Or courses that help them to develop important life skills like public speaking, financial awareness, or community service learning? How about to take on new creative endeavors like printmaking or film?

Is there an experience you enjoyed in your education that you would like to provide for current Cowell students? An event, a guest lecture, a workshop?

Cowell has a history of developing rich and diverse courses, events, and extracurricular opportunities for students. We've had to be very creative to fund these projects in recent years, and never more so than at this time. Your support can help us maintain the level of academic and cultural programming that our students have enjoyed for years.

A $50 gift will buy two sets of “loaner” books for Cowell's core course to help students in financial need succeed during their first quarter of college.


A $100 gift will permit a core course seminar to go on a special outing with their instructor.


A $400 gift will fund a student worker to “gallery sit” for one week of a show at the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery, which supports artistic life at Cowell and allows students to make money and gain valuable work experience.


A $500 gift will fund one student project through the Student Project Program. These projects are worthwhile and rewarding experiences for students and can be used to earn academic credit through Independent Study. In the past, students have organized small seminar courses, community service endeavors, and sustainability programs.


A $1,000 gift will enable a student to learn the art of letter-pressing for one term.


A $4,500 gift will enable Cowell to offer a 2-unit enhancement class. Past 2-unit enhancement classes offered include speech and debate, public speaking, and service learning.


A $6,000 gift will allow Cowell to host an artist in residence for a term. This helps Cowell to support the arts and provides additional enrichment opportunities for Cowell students.


A $14,000 gift will enable Cowell to offer a 5-unit enhancement class. Past 5-unit enhancement classes offered include book arts, film, and printmaking courses.


A $50,000 gift can establish an endowment for a specific purpose. This makes a long term impact on the academic or student life at Cowell and contributes to the vision of the college system at UC Santa Cruz.


A $400,000 gift will establish an endowment named as you wish and offering a course in perpetuity on a specified topic.


A $500,000 gift will allow a Cowell fellow to compete for one of the university or department chairs at UC Santa Cruz.


A $900,000 gift will secure the future of the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery and the Ann Dizikes Annex in perpetuity and support the arts at Cowell.


A $1,000,000 gift will secure the future of the Cowell Press in perpetuity. This will allow this unique resource to remain available for future student use.


A $1,200,000 gift will allow UCSC to reopen the Quarry.


A $2,500,000 gift will fully endow the College Scholars Program, assuring its future in perpetuity so that Cowell College and UC Santa Cruz can continue to attract, retain, and provide opportunities for students who demonstrate exceptional intellectual curiosity and academic potential.


A $3,500,000 gift may fully endow a named university or department chair, housed at Cowell. 

Any amount donated will help us enhance the quality of the Cowell experience for our students. To give directly to a specific Cowell program, please be sure to specify what you would like to support. If you are not able to make a monetary donation, we hope you'll consider other ways of getting involved with the college. 

Thank you for your support! It really makes a difference for student academic and residential life at Cowell.

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