Class Gift

Consider a gift to Cowell College in honor of your 50th!

As the Class of 1972 celebrates its 50th reunion, many have expressed interest in making a gift in honor of the occasion. Our focus is on supporting students where they are today. Cowell Provost Alan Christy and the Reunion Committee suggest these options for your consideration.


Cowell College Endowment

The Cowell College Endowment Fund generates an annual return that the Provost can use for current needs. The principal of the fund provides a long-term investment in Cowell. If you want Cowell College to last a second 50 years as a distinct academic entity (i.e. more than a group of dorms), donations to the Endowment Fund will help to secure Cowell's future. For more information on how to give to the Endowment Fund, send us an email for assistance


Provost’s Fund

Allows the provost to respond to changing needs and capitalize on opportunities as they arise. For example, the fund can support civic engagement with the students and with the Santa Cruz community. It allows the college to offer additional classes such as Cowell Core, and enhancement courses such as Personal Finance and Investing, and Public Speaking. The fund supports important elements of the Cowell community such as the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery, Page Smith Library and Cowell Press. During the pandemic the fund has been able to support emergency needs of students. Click here to make a gift.


Experiential Leadership Program (ELP)

The Experiential Leadership Program (ELP) cultivates forward-thinking, collaborative and adaptive leaders who have the confidence, initiative and tools to effectively work with people, develop thriving organizations and solve problems in professional environments, communities, families and life beyond. The program helps students develop tools for leadership and conflict resolution. Click here to make a gift.


Smith Society

The Smith Society is a cross-generational community that provides academic, personal, social and financial support to UCSC students who lack the traditional family support afforded to most of their peers. Typically, these students have multiple adverse childhood experiences including, but not limited to, neglect, abuse, abandonment, or homelessness. Students may identify as being current or former foster youth, wards of the court, runaways, orphans, children of incarcerated parents, or children of parents with severe mental illness. Click here to make a gift.


Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery

With a history that extends to UC Santa Cruz’s pioneer classes of faculty and students, the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery functions as a significant pillar within the intellectual life of Cowell College and represents a cornerstone in the university’s network of exhibition spaces.  In the spirit of the college’s motto “The pursuit of truth in the company of friends,” the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery celebrates the capacity of the visual arts to enliven and expand the horizons of inquiry while fostering connections not only within the college, but within the broader campus and local community. Click here to make a gift.


Cowell Provost's Emergency Academic Support Fund

This fund provides small sum emergency support for undergraduate students who are selected by the Cowell Provost. Initiated in 2019 by a group of Cowell alums, this small fund is meant to serve as an unbureaucratic source of assistance for any Cowell student faced with a sudden emergency that threatens to derail their academic progress, to be awarded at the sole discretion of the Cowell Provost. In the past, it has provided textbooks and associated Internet access as well as computer repairs.  Click here to make a gift.