Tabling & Posting at Cowell


Definition: The free speech area at Cowell that can be used is outside at the Courtyard (not inside any buildings such as in the hallway near the Dining Hall or in our residential quads or Fountain area).


1.   No amplified sound without prior approval and notification process through Cowell.*

2.   No food or drink to be distributed without prior approval and campus food permit for food that is perishable or was not purchased pre-packaged.*

3.   Cash collection (sales or donations) is not permitted without prior approval.*

4.   Commercial activities are not permitted without prior approval. (Examples: business handing out coupons or promotional flyers, off campus entities selling or handing out any items.)

5.   Keep activities contained to the outside areas at the Courtyard. Do not enter buildings or residential areas such as upper quad, lower quad or the apartment community.

6.   You may move a picnic table to set up near the railing or elsewhere, please return it to where you found it. You can also bring your own table and chairs if you like.  

7.   Do not block any walkways with people, tables, etc.  You cannot force people to stop and talk to you by physically obstructing their path.  You can talk to them as they pass by.

*Registered Student Orgs: If you are requesting amplified sound, food, or will be collecting cash for any reason, you will need to have a SOAR event proposal form completed by your advisor before your activities will be considered.

Contact: For approval for amplified sound, cash collection, or food distribution, contact College Programs Coordinator: Kara, (831) 459-4655.


Questions? Please call the Cowell College Programs Office at (831) 459-2255 or visit the office (room 133).

No posting on walls, benches, signs, or other areas not specifically designated for promotional materials. These will be removed.

Posting on Bulletin Boards
 Boards marked “Cowell Posting Only” are reserved for fliers posted by Cowell College only.

 Unmarked outdoor boards or those boards marked “General Posting” are available for use per UCSC policy as stated in the Policy and Regulations Handbook 42.23  “Non-university organizations and individuals may post and distribute materials only on bulletin boards designated for public use, outdoor kiosks, and the interior of bus shelters.”

 Each poster must comply with the following restrictions (fliers out of compliance will be removed):

  1. No more than 1 copy of a flier on each board.  
  2. No posting over other fliers. If a flier is expired and you need the space, take it down. If you post over an active flier, yours will be removed.
  3. Posters must clearly indicate the name of the person(s), group(s), university unit(s), or campus organization(s) responsible for posting them.  Fliers shall not exceed 17” x 22” (or equivalent area). [In accordance with UCSC policy 42.24d.]

Posting in Residential Areas 
Only Cowell Residential Staff may post in residential buildings. Call (831) 459-2173 to learn if your publicity is suitable for residential area posting, as restrictions apply.

Info and Flier Numbers, Campuswide

Please review this document to learn about fliers needed by each housing unit, and the process for posting banners.

Displaying Banners or Over-sized Posters
All banners or over-size posters for events not sponsored by Cowell College must be approved by the Programs Office. Bring to the Programs Office for approval sticker.

Dining Hall Table Tents & Tabling
By approval only through University Dining. Request forms are online: Tabling and Table Tents  Questions? Call the Dining Marketing Coordinator at (831) 459-5630.

Tabling in the Cowell Courtyard
An effective way to promote your event or organization is to have a representative discuss it one-on-one and to pass out material. Such ‘tabling’ is permitted in the Cowell Courtyard and must be discussed with the College Programs Office staff in advance so that we may convey guidelines. Call (831) 459-4655 or email for more information.

Chalking is NOT allowed at Cowell in any location. Please contact the Programs Office for suggestions on ways to promote your event that do not create a need for others to clean it up afterwards. Thank you!