Cowell Commencement 2023

Cowell's Slug Crossing Ceremony will be

Sunday June 18, 2023 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm.  

Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone! We at the college are so proud of what this class has achieved and persevered through.


Slug Crossing consists of 14 ceremonies and celebrations. Graduates will be able to select a 15-minute time slot with their affiliated college or Graduate Division ceremony, and opt-in for a 15-minute time slot in one or more of the celebrations: Black Grad, Chicanx/Latinx, and/or Baskin School of Engineering.

Did you miss the May 10, 2023 Marching Order deadline to register for this year's Slug Crossing?

If so, email

For any other questions you can email the central commencement team at 

Visit the Central Commencement Site for the most up-to-date resources and ansers to your questions related to all Slug Crossing and Graduate information.