Closing your Mailbox

Coming back to campus next year?  Don’t worry - mailboxes are reassigned every year!

1. Check your Mail

It is your responsibility to check your mailbox one last time before you move out.

2. Return your Key

-If you live on campus: return your mail key with the rest of your housing keys the day you move out.

-If you live off campus: return your key to the mailroom in the designated drop box or give to mailroom staff.

-If you fail to return your key by the deadline, you will be charged $15.


3. Activate Forwarding Service

It is your responsibility to activate the forwarding service if you would like to use it by filling out the forwarding address form below.

Forwarding services are provided for a maximum of 90 days to students who have had a college mailbox and are moving off campus, who are going on EAP, graduating, leaving for the summer, transferring, withdrawing or taking a leave of absence. To activate the forwarding service, please input your information below.  

NOTE: You must be logged into your UCSC email in order to view forwarding form.