Need a Class?

Finding Open Classes and Backups

If you want a class that is full, you have a few options:

  1. Always enroll in a back-up class first (see below for help with this).
  2. Once you have your back-up class, you can add yourself to the wait list for your first choice class. Be sure to add yourself to the wait list using the swap option - read more in the Registrar's Office FAQs).
  3. If you are still on the wait list once classes start, attend the first class meeting. Be sure to also attend your back-up class! You need to attend both classes until your enrollment is settled.

If you need an open class that looks interesting or a back-up class:

  1. Search for courses that are lower-division. Check out Cowell's Best Bets List.
  2. Read through the course descriptions to get a feel for the content.
  3. Make sure the course does not conflict with any other course you've enrolled in.

If you do not know the required courses for your prospective major:

  1. Look up the new student major advising summary for the major(s) you are interested in.
  2. If classes are full, you can contact your major adviser to ask about getting into classes.
  3. Always enroll in back-up classes if you plan to use the wait list.

Still have questions? Email: or call (831) 459-2253.