Building your schedule each semester can be a challenging process involving researching courses, balancing requirements, and navigating the three pass enrollment process.

You can view your enrollment appointment each quarter in your student portal by the first day of Advising Week. The campus uses a system for enrollment that will allow you to “pass” through the enrollment system three times. In your first pass (appointment), you may enroll in up to 14 credits. In your second pass, you may enroll in up to 19 credits. In your third pass, you may enroll in up to 19 credits plus 10 credits of wait-listed courses. This system is designed to give all students a more equitable opportunity to enroll in at least two classes important to their academic progress.

The Registrar has some great answers to frequently asked questions about enrollment and enrollment appointments available on their website. You can also always contact us or drop by with questions.

Many of the questions we receive from students about enrollment concern which courses to take. Remember you should be thinking about fulfilling major qualification requirements, major requirements, and graduation requirements (like your GE courses), but you will also want to look for balance in your schedule or possibly explore a new subject! Check out our resources on Choosing a Third Class and Best Bets for some ideas!