Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) refers to a series of courses students may complete at California community colleges to satisfy UC General Education (GE) requirements. You can learn more about IGETC here. Earning an associate's degree does not necessarily satisfy IGETC or GE Requirements.

How to get credit for completing IGETC?

Your community college needs to send your IGETC certificate to UCSC Admissions. The IGETC certificate is not always included with your transcripts. Even if “IGETC certified” is printed on your transcripts, this is not sufficient. A separate certificate is required by our Admissions Office for certification. If you completed IGETC, ask your community college how to ensure that your certification is sent in addition to your official transcripts. If UCSC has received and processed your IGETC certification, your Academic Advisement Report in your student portal will show that all of your GE requirements are completed except the Disciplinary Communication (DC) requirement.

What is the Disciplinary Communication (DC) GE requirement?

The DC requirement ensures that you learn to communicate effectively and in a manner appropriate to your field of study. The DC requirement is both a General Education (GE) requirement and a major requirement, so it is fulfilled by taking a course or courses in your major. You will satisfy the DC requirement by passing a set of 1-3 upper division courses in your major, totalling a minimum of 5 credits. Learn more about the DC requirement on the Academic Senate Website.

What if you are a transfer student who did not do IGETC?

The classes you took at the community college will be evaluated one by one to determine if they fulfill any of UCSC’s General Education (GE) requirements. Your GE requirements should be evaluated and  show up in your Academic Advisement Report in the student portal by the end of your first quarter at UCSC.