Connecting with Faculty

Exercise your creativity!

If this is your third year, you may have already begun connecting with faculty. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a neophyte, these pointers are designed to help you maximize your faculty connections!

  • Know your faculty office hours.
    • You can meet with current faculty, faculty you've taken courses from in the past, or faculty you've never met before.
    • Check the syllabus for a current class, or the website for your major.
  • Ask faculty to make an appointment if you can't attend their office hours.
    • If you send an email with your request, make it formal and polite.
  • Talk to faculty about what they studied as undergraduate and graduate students (even if you do your research beforehand).
    • Are there any graduate programs they're aware of that match your interests?
    • If you are interested in career information, do they have any recommendations?
  • Research how to conduct an informational interview.
  • Write a thank you email or letter: this is good practice for more formal interviews.

If you hit a dead end with a faculty member (your interests don't match, or you don't make a connection), feel free to ask if they can suggest any other references for you. And try not to be discouraged.

Want some practice or more pointers? Consider meeting with the Cowell Provost for more ideas on how to connect with faculty.