Support Resources

Remember... school is your job- work hard!

Cowell Advisers are a great first contact for finding out more about UCSC's many resources on campus. If you're looking to save a trip to our office, here are some of our students' favorite resources

  • Campus Conflict Resolution Services: provides professional consultation, mediation and training to members of the UCSC community. Its emphasis is on prevention, effective management, and informal resolution of conflict at all levels. All services are free, voluntary and confidential.
  • Career Center: not just jobs and careers! Career counselors can help you find a major, get internships, and learn about your graduate school options.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services: same-day crisis counseling on a walk-in basis and referrals to off-campus providers.
  • Disability Resource Center (DRC): get registered with your documented learning disability and/or physical impairment, or look into assessment options for learning disabilities. Join hundreds of other UCSC students leveling the educational playing field.
  • University Registrars Office: academic/administrative calendar, enrollment FAQs, part time program information, fees, residency information, transcripts, forms and petitions.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Office: information and assistance with financial aid, scholarships, and other forms of financial support for college.
  • Student Volunteer Center: connect with students with meaningful volunteer opportunities on campus and in the Santa Cruz community while connecting local organizations with passionate and engaged students. 
We also recognize that building a community is an important way to feel connect on campus. It can help you feel like you have a community of people that are there to support you and ensure that you are successful at this university and beyond. Below is a list of resource centers and other opportunities. 

For a more comprehensive list with extracurricular options, you can check out UCSC Admissions' Getting Involved and Support Services pages. Strange as it may seem, many of our students in academic difficulty are just struggling to find their niche: adding an extracurricular activity may provide the direction you need to better focus on your academic goals.

As always, please come see us if you have any questions!