Donate to the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery

Hello and thank you for considering a donation to the Smith Gallery.

Why we need your help.

The Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery is operated entirely on donations from people like you. We do not have an endowment so it is through generous personal donations that we are able to keep this beautiful gallery open, enriching our university and the lives of its students through art. Not only do we install and maintain the exhibits but provide a space for special campus events.

We have begun a First Friday event which works with each current exhibit in teaching the students, and faculty, the myriad of different art forms and how it changes our perspective whereby society. 

Our wish list.

Although the gallery is well maintained there are a few things that would greatly enhance the experience as well as benefit our artists and students. 

  • Update & adjust current lighting system-adjustable lights, eco-friendly
  • Sand and refinish the wooden floors
  • Window treatment-protecting the art, enabling film exhibits
  • Exterior awning
  • Shelving/wall unit for the Ann Dizikes Annex


Our gallery manager and all the wonderful assistants who keep us open five days a week, install and de-install each exhibit and maintain the gallery’s art collection. 

Thank you!


donate to the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery