Cowell-Stevenson Collaborative

Who are we? The Cowell-Stevenson Collaborative is a volunteer group that brings together alumni/ae, faculty, staff, current Cowell and Stevenson students, and interested others to put cross-generational intellectual and social life at the heart of the college community.

What do we hope to accomplish? We hope to mobilize caring, competent, committed volunteers to provide the colleges and their provosts access to a low-cost way to breathe life into the idea of cross-generational intellectual and social life, with the ultimate goal of giving Cowell and Stevenson students a richer, more-personal undergraduate experience.

What are we doing? We have begun the mobilization. Starting small, we will begin with the creation of a mentoring and tutoring program, access to interest-based affinity groups (e.g. community organizing, sustainability, spiritual questions, the arts), and discipline-based learning communities (e.g. life sciences, philosophy, history, film). We also aim to find ways to support the Page Smith Center for Collective Inquiry and to help international students feel more at home in our two colleges.

How can you get involved? Fill out the on-line application or contact Alice Folkins, Cowell College Academic Manager.

Current Program 

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We gratefully accept donations of any amount, and we have begun to derive great benefit from a core of volunteers. If you have any questions, please contact Alice Folkins, Cowell College Academic Program Coordinator.

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