Retrospective 2021

May 18-25, 2021

20 years and 13 languages


From Our Directors


Here's our selection. Enjoy!


Chinese                            French                                 Italian

screenshot-283.png    meip-2021-french.png      meip-2021-italian.png
The Perfect Wife-2005  The Bald Soprano-2012   Coincidence-2006   
meip-2021-japanese.png    meip-2021-french1.png    meip-2021-italian1.png
Food for Life: Ramen Shop-2004    Tartuffe-2016          The Apple Girl-2012             
meip-2021-japanese1.png    meip-2021-spanish.png    meip-2021-italian2.png
3 short plays-2011   Mazurka of the Umbrellas-2006  Brother ATM-2015
meip-2021-japanese2.png    meip-2021-spanish1.png    meip-2021-russian.png
     Sweet Poison-2015      No Smokers-2006    Victory over the Sun-2006

From Our Students 


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