Meals With Friends

Meals With Friends is a program in which Cowell and Stevenson staff, faculty, alumni and students share our go-to meals. We will give out ingredients to these dishes so that you can enjoy creating them too!

Our hope with this program is that we all start to get to know each other a little better, and that when it is a little safer we can all have a meal together as friends.

Stay tuned for where and when you can pick up the ingredients to make these meals yourself.

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For more info, contact:

Do you have a go-to dish that you can make easily? Or something that you love to eat time and time again? If you want your recipe to be featured, then fill out this form!

Click here for recipe video playlist. Current Recipes:

may-fried-rice.png   mashed-cauliflower-mar-2.png   copy-of-chilaquiles.png   a-bunch-of-banana-recipes.png   ramen---jan-newsletter-1.png   date-and-tahini-1.png   peter-reed-no-knead-bread-.png   copy-of-grilled-cheese-wgustavo.jpg   nov_garlic-bread.png   gabis-muffins.jpg   5-chai-oatmeal1024_1.jpg   6-homemade-granola1024_1.jpg   kimchi_quesadilla_1024_1.jpg