Taking Classes Elsewhere

While you are taking time off (either on a leave of absence or withdrawn from UCSC), you may want to take classes at another institution. UCSC has articulation agreements with community colleges across the state of California. These agreements identify which courses at community colleges are equivalent to courses at UCSC and which courses at community colleges will fulfill UCSC’s General Education (GE) requirements. You can use the website assist.org to look up the community college you are planning to attend and find out which classes there will transfer back to UCSC. Some important information to keep in mind as you are thinking about taking classes elsewhere:

  • If you are planning to return to UCSC, be sure to take courses that are transferable to UCSC.

  • If you have already passed a class at UCSC, you will not earn credit at UCSC for passing its equivalent at the community college.

  • If the community college is on the semester system, multiply the credits earned by 1.5 to determine how many credits you will earn at UCSC. For example, a 3 credit course X 1.5 = 4.5 credits at UCSC

Be aware of your quarter count!

Classes you take while you are away from UCSC will impact the number of quarters you can remain at UCSC once you return. For every 15 UCSC credits you earn during your time off from UCSC, one quarter will be added onto your number of completed quarters. For example, if you completed 5 quarters at UCSC, took a break and earned 18 credits at a community college, when you return to UCSC, it will be as if you have completed your 6th quarter.

See below for a more detailed breakdown of how credits earned elsewhere affect your quarter count:

  • 0-14.99 credits earned = 0 quarters added

  • 15-29.99 credits earned = 1 quarter added

  • 30-44.99 credits earned = 2 quarters added