Choosing a Third Class

Still Need to Choose a Third Class?

  • Don’t freak out
  • Do check your Academic Advisement Report on your portal to see your GE/major progress

  • Do enroll in three classes during priority enrollment even if you plan to use the waitlist

  • Do go to all the classes that you are enrolled in

Tips to Help You Choose That Third Class…

  • Enroll in a BACK-UP course, even it is not your first choice, and then put yourself on the waitlist using the SWAP function on the portal.

    Waitlist FAQ:

  • If you are interested in Math or Natural Sciences classes you must be on an official waitlist. For more info about sciences courses:

  • It’s OK to take electives! Every class counts towards the 180 credit graduation requirement.

  • Take a class that interests you! Explore new things! Check out our Best Bets list for each quarter.

  • Read the full description and requirements of classes to see if it is an appropriate class for you.

  • Check for prerequisites!

  • Courses numbered 1-99 are lower division and designed for 1st and 2nd year students; courses numbered 100-199 are upper division and are designed for juniors and seniors.

  • Consider taking a foreign language! Learning a new language can truly enhance your educational experience as well as prepare you to study abroad in the future. Learn more about language placement here: