Gary D. Licker Memorial Chair Application

Any Cowell fellow who is a member of the Academic Senate or a Continuing Unit 18 Lecturer may apply to be named a Gary D. Licker Memorial Chair of Cowell College. Appointment to the Chairship normally lasts for three years and begins on July 1. 

The Licker Chairship gives each incumbent a total of $16,000 in activity funds, the use of the title “Gary D. Licker Memorial Chair of Cowell College,” and an assignment to teach a small 20-person 5-unit seminar at Cowell in the project area (offered in lieu of a regularly-taught course). The specific mechanics are as follows: in year one of the chair, $8000 is deposited into the chair’s activity account (to be used for research or other pedagogical or professional activities related to the course to be taught); in year two, the chair’s department or program receives $8000 to buy-out one of the Chair’s courses if the Chair is a Senate faculty (or the $8000 salary is paid if the awardee is a Unit 18 Lecturer); in year three, another $8000 is deposited into the chair’s activity account.

Application Packet

Please prepare an application that includes a cover sheet, a narrative description of your project, a page that includes a couple of paragraphs or more giving evidence of your involvement in the life of Cowell, and a letter from your department or program chair. Please attach a copy of your curriculum vitae.

On your cover sheet, please give your name, department, contact information, and state whether you are Senate faculty or a Unit 18 Lecturer. Please state the year that you were first appointed at UCSC.

In your narrative, outline the general area of pedagogy or research and give enough details about the specifics of your plans for the three years of the chairship so that a panel of non-experts can judge the merits of your project. Describe the course that you plan to teach in year two (a 20-person seminar) and explain how your work in the first year of the chairship will position you to offer the course. Speculate about how the course might benefit the work you will undertake in year three. There is no page limit to the narrative, but brevity and clarity are both prized.

Your involvement in the life of Cowell can be described. If you have not had much opportunity to demonstrate involvement, please describe how we might infer your dedication to education within the college on the basis of the performance of your duties.

The letter from your chair should be addressed to the Provost of Cowell College.

Applications are due on the last day of the Winter term prior to the start of the Chairship. The successful applicant will be notified by May 1. The next deadline to apply is the last day of Winter Quarter 2023 (March 24, 2023).