Cowell Faculty

Stephanie L Bailey, Ph.D.

Biography, Education and Training

I am a full-time lecturer in the Department of Physics. My teaching focuses primarily on introductory physics for life science majors. I enjoy developing and using engaging pedagogical techniques that will help students learn physics more effectively. I am committed to serving undergraduates and increasing the number of STEM graduates at UCSC, with those graduates reflecting the diversity of the UCSC population.

Selected Publications

Bailey SL, Bono RS, Nash D, Kimmel AD. Implementing parallel spreadsheet models for health policy decisions: The impact of unintentional errors on model projections. PLoS ONE 13(3). 2018

Stephanie L. Bailey. “A Microsimulation Model to Assess the Impact of Prevention Efforts to Combat Sex Trafficking out of Five Eastern European States.” J of Human Trafficking. 2015 July 9

Jeremy D. Goldhaber-Fiebert, Stephanie L. Bailey, Michael S. Hurlburt, Jinjin Zhang, Lonnie R. Snowden, Fred Wulczyn, John Landsverk, Patricia Chamberlain, Sarah M. Horwitz. “Evaluating Child Welfare policies with decision-analytic simulation models.” Adm. Policy Ment. Health. 2011 Aug 23.

S. Bailey, B. Sigal, S. Plevritis. “A Simulation Model Investigating the Impact of Tumor Volume Doubling Time and Mammographic Tumor Detectability on Screening Outcomes in Women Aged 40-49 Years.” J Natl Cancer Inst. 2010 Aug 18;102(16):1263-71.

Mandelblatt JS, Cronin KA, Bailey S, Berry DA, de Koning HJ, Draisma G, Huang H, Lee SJ, Munsell M, Plevritis SK, Ravdin P, Schechter CB, Sigal B, Stoto MA, Stout NK, van Ravesteyn NT, Venier J, Zelen M, Feuer EJ.“Effects of Mammography Screening Under Different Screening Schedules: Model Estimates of Potential Benefits and Harms.” Ann Intern Med. 151:738-747 (2009)