Outreach/Welcome Leader Recruitment

Cowell and Stevenson Colleges are recruiting Outreach/Welcome Leaders for Fall 2019.

March 04, 2019

By , College Programs Coordinator, Stevenson College 

Cowell and Stevenson Colleges are recruiting Outreach/Welcome Leaders for Fall 2019.
We are pleased to call for applications to be an Outreach/Welcome Leader in Fall 2019. The OWL team will support Cowell and Stevenson Colleges in providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for the new students joining us in the Fall. 
OWLs join Fall Training with other student leaders before the incoming students move-in, and also support commencement and the move-in process. It's a great opportunity to learn about the colleges and give back to your community. You will also learn how to plan events at the colleges, and will be a recognizable face for new students to come to with questions or concerns.
OWLs will be selected through an interview process. Please complete the Outreach/Welcome Leader Application form [http://bit.ly/OWLapply, you must be logged in to your @ucsc.edu Google account to access the form] to be considered for an interview.
We're looking for people who:
  • Have a strong interest in building leadership skills
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the community and the mission of the colleges
  • Are positive role model who want to help new students learn about resources and adjust to college life
We encourage students from underrepresented communities to apply.
Selected candidates will attend training sessions throughout Spring quarter and assist with the commencement ceremony on June 15-16 weekend. Trainings are mandatory, but will be scheduled to fit with your availability. 
Selected candidates will receive certain perks depending on the college team they join, including a point in the housing selection process. 
Email pmreed@ucsc.edu with any questions.