Totally 90's College Night!

January 14, 2019

By Cowell Programs 



Hey kids! Get ready for our very first Cowell College Night of the year, TOTALLY 90's COLLEGE NIGHT! On January 23rd, grab your skateboards and gogurts, because we are gearing up for total BLAST TO THE PAST! Whoa dude, I'm already getting carried away! First I have got to tell you about all the crazy fun things we have going on! We are going to have hair wraps, friendship bracelets, games, trivia, and a RAP BATTLE! Gear up to win some awesome prizes and impress the crowds with your WICKED RHYMES! 


But that's not all, because we are going to be serving up more than rhymes! A delicious dinner, styled after those delicious Kid Cuisine meals from days of old, will be availible to all in attendance.

Starters/Main Course

Spinach Salad | Caesar Salad

Chicken Nuggets | Pigs in a Blanket | Vegan Tenders* | Stuffed Peppers*

Mac and Cheese | Mixed Veggies* | Soft Pretzels


Funfetti Cake

Cosmic Brownies


Cherry Punch*

= vegan


See you there dude!