Congrats to Cowell's Welcome Leaders 2016-17

July 01, 2016

By , Associate College Programs Coordinator (831) 459-2255

Cowell College is proud to announce our 2016-17 team of Welcome Leaders (WLs). This committed group of volunteer returning students are here to assist new frosh and transfer Cowell students during Welcome Week.

Congratulations and appreciation go to our team of WLs: Alice Malmberg, Hannah Meyer, and Samantha Brito will be returning as WLs. They are joined by the equally fabulous new WLs: Casey Fitzgerald, Cassidy Huse, Dhairat Parlikar, Harley Berman, Isabella “Bow” Silos, Katie Beary, Katie Reed, Matthew Gonzalez, Patty Mendez, Sarah Adler, & Sophie Snider!

WLs are central to many fall quarter programs: including providing a smooth Move-In day to planning an array of Welcome Week events at Cowell. They work cooperatively with the residential and college staff to help new students become familiar with Cowell, the UCSC campus and various resources. WLs also help with college-wide programs throughout the year as well.

We appreciate our incoming group of Welcome Leaders so much! You can learn more about them at our WL Introducation Page, featuring photos and a short bio for each Welcome Leader.