Coffee Advisory Meetings Jan. 2017

February 08, 2017

1/13/17 – Advisory Committee Meeting Notes

Changes to the 18-19 year: What changes would students want to see for 2018-2019?

  • Any new menu items?
  • Décor?
  • Anything else?

Bring in the Perks brand?

  • Student representatives were not view this idea favorably. One major reason to not convert to Perks is that it would change where the coffee is purchased. No longer would offer Santa Cruz Roasting coffee; Perks serves a different kind of coffee.

How to solicit feedback from students and other customers?

  • Electronic comment cards – advertise these more broadly
  • Create a separate system for the coffee shops?

Survey feedback – The committee tried to identify which feedback might be the most interesting to community members, but decided it would be easier to just post the entire pdf of the survey data online.

1/23/17 – Advisory Committee Meeting Notes

Sales are slightly down at Stevenson. Ideas:

Advertising - John said a few staff people who were surprised to learn that the coffee shop was open. He suggests pushing out some advertising to draw folks in, and specifically creating advertising that will draw in more faculty and staff.

Traffic patterns - impacted by class placement; if classes aren't at Stevenson, less foot traffic to come in. There seemed to be fewer larger classes held at Stevenson in the Fall quarter, which might have impacted sales.

Business anomalies – M,W,F was busier in Fall quarter when usually T,Th is usually busy. Fall quarter business seemed “off” compared to previous quarters.