3rd Week Deadlines

October 05, 2015

By , Assistant to the CAO (831) 459-2660

Add/Drop/Swap                                                                DEADLINE: Wednesday, Oct. 14th

Before this deadline, you can add a class into your schedule, drop a class that you are already enrolled in, or swap a class that you are already enrolled in for a different class through your student portal.
After this deadline, you may only add by petition and/or withdraw from a class. To add a class by petition or withdraw from a class, speak to a Cowell College Academic Adviser.

How to...

Changing the Grading Option                                       DEADLINE: Wednesday, Oct. 14th

If you would like to change the grading option of your class to either Pass/No Pass or to Graded, you may do so by editing the classes you are enrolled in through your student portal. You may want to discuss with your professor what the course will look like over the length of the quarter to better assess which option is best for you. Also, make sure to consult with a major adviser before taking a major class with the grading option Pass/No Pass. Most majors require that all courses for the major are taken for a grade.  Here is how  you change your Grading Option

Part-Time Program Application                                        Deadline: Wednesday, Oct. 14th

The Part-Time Program reduces course loads and the respective tuition fees for the quarter for students who, for reasons of employment, family responsibilities, or health, are not able to carry the full, 15-credit course-load for the quarter. To discuss the Part-Time Program and discuss your options, speak to a Cowell College Academic Adviser.  For more information click here.

Drop-in Hours: M-F 1:30-11:30 &
1:30-3:30 (except Thursday morning)
Peer Adviser Hours: M-F 9:00-5:00