Cowell College Prizes

May 03, 2012

Cowell Service Prizes

Winner selected by Student Life Staff. Winners will be posted 6/1/12:

Carol Freeman Leadership Award – Acknowledges a graduating Cowell senior for exemplary leadership, service and commitment to the Cowell College community.  Established by the Cowell student senate to honor former (1992-97) Cowell Provost Carol Freeman, Senior Lecturer in Writing. (Award:$100)

John Lynch Multicultural Service Award – Acknowledges service that has enhanced the understanding and visibility of the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Cowell College community.  It honors former (1983-89) Provost and Professor of Classics John P. Lynch. (Award:$100)

Cassius Ellis Memorial Award – Acknowledges a Cowell College student for academic achievement combined with service in the off-campus community.  This award honors the memory of Cassius Ellis, the first night proctor of Cowell College. (Award:$100)

Other Cowell Prizes

 Submission deadline will be 5/11/12. Winners will be posted 6/1/12:

The UCSC Annual Dante Prize  – Awarded to the best essay dealing with any aspect of Dante’s Divine Comedy. (Award:$300)  Recipient need not be a Cowell student.

Cowell Press Prize – Award given for excellence in printing or book arts productions. Entry must be a single print project produced in the Cowell Press.  (Award:$100)  Recipient need not be a Cowell student.

John Dizikes Writing Prize  – Awarded to a Cowell student for excellent non-fiction prose writing in any field.  Entries must consist of a single essay in English written for a UCSC course.  Entries are judged on essay form, prose style and lucidity, word choice, and technical perfection in the use of the English language.  (Award:$500)

Cowell Poetry Prize – Award for excellence in poetry written by a Cowell student.  Students may submit up to 3 poems, no longer than 6 pages total.  (Award:$100)

Cowell Scholarships/Awards 

Winner selected by Provost and others as specified.  Money distributed through the Financial Aid Office.

J.W.T. Youngs Memorial Prize/ Math Prize – Two prizes are given to students excelling in Math.  One student must be a Cowell student, the other prize may be given to a student from any college.  The selection is based on academic merit.  Senior Preceptor prints a list of Cowell Math majors with merit after Spring grades are in.  List is presented to, and narrowed down by, the Applied Math and Statistics Department.  Provost makes final decision.  (Awards up to $500.)

Cowell College Education Abroad Scholarship – Advertised by the IEO Office, award is given to a Cowell student with at least a 3.5 GPA with demonstrated financial need, who is planning to study abroad through an EAP program.  Applications will be turned into Provost Office on the following deadlines:

Friday, March 30, 2012 for Summer & Fall 2012 departing programs

Friday, June 1, 2012 for Spring 2013 departing programs

Provost selects recipient(s).  (Award: $500-$1500.)

Mark Glenn Carey Scholarship – Honors a Cowell student with a declared major in Physical and Biological Sciences.  Selection is based on both academic merit and financial need. The final decision is made by the Provost.  (Award amount varies.)

Provost’s Undergraduate Scholarship –  Awarded to Cowell students in recognition of academic excellence and achievement.  Senior Preceptor presents records of students with top academic records to Provost.  Provost selects recipient. Dates have varied.  2011 recipients were notified on April 12th, 2011. (Award amount varies, in 2010, four students were awarded $1000 each.)

David Wayne Christenson Award – Honors Kresge and Cowell College students with demonstrated public service to the university, high academic merit, and documented financial need.  Two Cowell Students are selected each year.  List of students with documented financial need is provided to College by Financial Aid Office during Fall quarter.  Recipients are chosen by Provost with help of Student Life staff.  Provost Office provides Financial Aid Office with names of chosen recipients.  (Award varies)

Outstanding Student Employee Award – Awarded to Cowell student employees for outstanding service.  Nominations made by Cowell supervisors, winner selected by Provost and CAO.  Call for nominations will go out on Monday, April 2nd.  Nominations due on April 27th, 2012.  Students notified on Friday, May 18th.  (No monetary award)


For more information regarding Cowell College Prizes, please contact the Provost Assistant (831)459-2251.