Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery

The Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery's main focus is art of the Monterey Bay region, with occasional exhibitions added to the schedule from time to time, which focus on various subjects pertinent to the College. Among these exhibitions have been: UC Santa Barbara: "In the Edge of Knowing; The Human Genome" curated by Karen Sinsheimer, and curated by Linda Pope, "Reminiscing: Cowell College, The Early Years", "Satyajit Ray: Film Art" and "Origami: Art + Mathematics"

Past curators have been Eloise Pickard Smith, Louise Newberry, Mary Banham, Verna Brady, and Linda Pope (1989-2012). Joan Blackmer is the current Curator.

Joan Blackmer, Curator



Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery
Cowell College
University of California (UCSC)
Santa Cruz, CA 95064


Smith Gallery Study Lounge Hours 

Monday - Thursday
8 AM — 10 PM
8 AM — 3PM
Closed weekends and holidays.