observing [our] nature

It was with a great deal of sadness and much deliberation that we had to do what is best, to cancel this fabulous and very much anticipated exhibit by three of our highly talented alumnae: Kay Canavino, Deborah Barlow and Ramah Commanday. On a better note, canceled is now postponed! This show will move to our winter quarter, January 2021.

It’s interesting for me to reflect on this exhibit that wasn’t, its message, within its very title, observing [our] nature, is quite poignant at this very moment that we all must slow down, sit back and discover what is important. Important not just to us and our daily lives but the lives of others, our society and the entire world, to the planet. Maybe we don’t go to the gallery, maybe we don’t see this art for the moment, but it will not vanish. We can wait. 

Please, if you can, think of what is meaningful in your world, what you are doing with your days when you were not confined to your house. What you do in your spare time that you may or may not find an abundance of at the moment. It’s through art that we can at times sink into the more nuanced meaning of life. To talk without talking, about what it is to be more connected to ourselves, to those around us, to those we do not know and to our planet. Maybe this is what this show that is not a show still brings us.

We will be posting art on our Instagram page highlighting how our students and staff are experiencing the #coronaversitylife in 2020. Please join us, contribute and tune in to what’s happening next. 

Please be well and stay safe,

Tauna Coulson

Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery Manager