Vibrations in Paper & Wire

ROA Painting 2017/1. Copyright Ronaldo L. Oliveira

Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery is pleased to announce Vibrations in Paper & Wire, an exhibition of works by São Paulo/Brazil - Santa Cruz/USA - based artist, Ronaldo L. Oliveira. 

Ronaldo Oliveira is an artist via an architecture-philosophy-theatre background. He is prolific in his art-making and will be filling the gallery with over 90 works, ranging from abstract paintings in sumi-e ink and watercolor, to meticulously detailed drawings on paper, and inexplicable three-dimensional wire and paper sculptures. His banner paintings breathe with life and ever-changing light. The continuous undulations and punctuations of organic strokes are executed using a specialized handmade-improvised-painting tool, dipped in sumi-e ink and water colors, leaving a sense that communication is happening with explorations in a language daring the restrictions of any alphabet, and casting possibilities for speculation and imagination. His wire sculptures, most no more than 15 inches in height, vibrate with energy and wit, and can also be seen as social commentaries, resonating with stories. The series of small glyph-like paintings in black and white, and color, point to calligraphic opportunities for adventure and delight.

We can try to place Ronaldo’s artwork within known descriptions for Contemporary, Expressionist and Surrealist movements in art. But perhaps it is more apropos to say that his art is a synthesis of movements of personal history, of an uncompromising understanding of life, and of unique and distinct experiences having grown up in Brazil and lived in Europe, Japan and the United States.

The exhibition is Oliveira’s first in Santa Cruz, and is guest-curated by Marialice Jacob who brings her experience with multicultural artists from Los Angeles and Latin America. Vibrations in Paper and Wire runs Jan 24 - March 16.

Opening Reception: Thursday, Jan 24, 4-7pm.

Conversation with Artist & Guests, and an Artist Book Launch: Friday, March 1, 5-7pm. (please note revised time)

The exhibition has support from UC Santa Cruz Literature Creative Writing Program & Living Writers, History of Art & Visual Cultures, History Department, Languages & Applied Linguistics, Latin American & Latino Studies, Research Center for the Americas, El Centro, Institute for Arts & Sciences, and Art Department.

More information about Ronaldo L. Oliveira can be found at his website.

See press release here.