Crossing the Field: Assistance

Crossing the Field from the Shuttle Drop to the Audience Area

All guests, whether disembarking from a standard shuttle or a disability shuttle, need to cross from the edge of the playing field out to the audience seating area (~70 yards). Guests wishing assistance may visit the attendant near the shuttle drop: they are there with a wheelchair to help guests out to the seating area. Restrooms are 150 yards from the ceremony site. Please let your guests know of this wheelchair assistance resource, available at the ceremony East Field site.

Please note, the wheelchair is available only to transport guests to/from the seating area of the ceremony and cannot be left with any one guest (it is needed for all). If your guest requires ongoing use of a wheelchair for more than transport to/from the seating area (for the duration of the ceremony), they should arrive with their own. Wheelchairs may be rented through local pharmacies.