Commencement Photography

Personal Photography

All aisles must be left clear of all people, tripods, etc. for safety purposes and also in consideration of other guests wishing to see/enjoy their grad. Guests may set up tripods or stand to take photos or video of the ceremony only if positioned at the sides of the audience.We thank you for your assistance.

Professional Photography 

Cowell College and UC Santa Cruz has contracted with Best Grad Photo™ to professionally photograph our ceremony. They will take pictures of the graduates as they enter the stage and receive their degree. Photo proofs are sent by Best Grad Photo™ approximately 72 hours after the ceremony, and there is no obligation to buy. To receive proofs, grads must opt-in by filling out the appropriate section of the commencement registration form with their contact information. Neither Cowell College nor the University is responsible for the proofs or the ordering process; it is entirely between the graduate and Best Grad. The college only contracts with the vendor and provides the venue. Please go to if you want more details.

More Event Photos!

A student event photographer will be covering the ceremony and reception. Their photos will be posted online, once available.