MEIP Testimonials

  1. During my experience with the International Playhouse, I was able to reach a level of language capacity that I do not believe I would have reached by simply taking the main French grammar courses at UCSC. Since the entire process was conducted in French, from auditions to rehearsals, one has the ultimate opportunity to develop a level of speaking and pronunciation that many instructors do not focus on very much anymore in the class room. I will say that the most challenging part of the Playhouse was trying to convey thoughts and expressions of emotions through a language that is not my own, and to convey a character that has many distinct levels to their personality. This proved to be difficult when combined with the level of memorization, pronunciation drills (French vowels are a killer), and overall theatricalities that are necessary to put on a play of any kind, particularly one that rhymes. However, by the end of our run, I felt that my fluency had improved tremendously and my comprehension had broadened in a way that I could not have attained in a classroom. This gave me more confidence to study abroad, return, and be a part of the Playhouse in another production this year. (I played Argan in LE MALADE IMAGINAIRE in 2013 and Panisse in MARIUS this year). Being involved in the International Playhouse is an amazing opportunity that takes a great deal of dedication and responsibility, but the payoff is more that worth it in the end. (Z. S.)
  2. International Playhouse gave me an opportunity to practice and utilize the language in a new and exciting way. Through rehearsals and performances, I made fast friends with my cast mates and witnessed the linguistic talents of students from the entire department. I don't believe my undergraduate career in Italian Studies would have been complete without this experience. (M. M.)
  3. As a Global Economics major, I was never given the opportunity to study any of the arts, only given the opportunity to study a language. Taking part in the playhouse was one of the fulfilling and joyful learning experiences at UC Santa Cruz. I never would have thought that I would enjoy theatre, and I am extremely happy that I decided to go out on a limb and try it out before I graduate. The only regret I have was not taking the class 4 years ago as a freshman. Being part of the International Playhouse taught me not only about theatre, voice projection, makeup, posture, but it also taught me a lot about myself. I learned how to act a little out of character, take myself a little bit less seriously, and most of all be confident in myself. As a Global Economics major, I don't know what sort of class I could have taken that would have taught me all these traits, now do I know many other classes or majors that teach me these. To anyone who is learning or can speak a foreign language, I strongly recommend them to take this course, you will not regret it. (J.F.)